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Why hire an IT consultant that won't implement his own advice? - We follow our advice with action, and deliver the results you desire, be it a server network or web-design.

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How can your company properly assess its IT needs and find a path through the technical wilderness? - Allora will be your guide.

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Do you have the timely IT support services that your company needs? - Allora provides swift and effective IT support that allows you to focus on growing your business.

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Should you require on-site presence Allora's network technician would promptly arrive to your location. And of course there's always an option of remote IT support.

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Satisfaction of our customers is the most valuable asset of Allora. It brings us joy, inspiration and provides further development of the firm.

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If aside from managed IT services you'd also want Allora to handle your IT purchases - we are ready to help essentially serving you as a "one-stop IT shop".

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Our Web Design clients often choose Allora's Web hosting due to superior price/quality ratio compared to nationwide providers. We also offer Email Hosting and Server hosting

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Our company provides a free one-hour consultation. Give us a call or send an email to schedule a meeting at your location or our office in Glenwood South, Raleigh.

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Most customers choose to take advantage of Allora's contract system which optimizes business IT support and gives a hefty 25% discount.

2014 brought a lot of changes to our company. New customers with complicated systems like Thrace Linq or CBC naturally required additional workforce. Eric, Irina and Jason have become essential staff members, each bringing their own specialty skills to the table. This already resulted in greater flexibility and better arsenal of tools under our belt.
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